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Your music should be in movies Ramzi. I enjoy it a lot.
Very nice site, great music, I love it.
Hello. And Bye.
Exceptionally well written! I’ll right away grab your rss as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please permit me recognise so that I may subscribe.
Good music Ramzi. See you at the Pukalani pool on thursday. Regards
WOW! I got as far as the first page and I want to know more. That's a good first page!
Your music is excellent to listen to and also should be in Movies. I love it, Jon
Hi Ramzi, I own a Yoga studio in Madrid Spain and I purchased all three of your classical music Albums after I listened to them first on your web site. Let me tell you, your music gives me and my clients the perfect atmosphere for doing what we love, I want to thank you for composing music like this. Ricardo M.K
Hi ramzi Keep doing beautiful unique music Hope your family doing good From very old friend played with you in 1979 in a soccer theme called "eagle" You will here from soon
Love your new age melodies Ramzi, your Fan always Camille Laing.
Pacific Gathering rocks Ramzi, keep creating good music. Your fan Danielle
Aloha Ramzi, JUst saw some news about Lebanon on TV and wanted to recontact you and see how everything is going for you. Haven't been back to Alamo ever since we bought our own car a few years ago. We plan to be back on Maui late June next year for 3 months. A big typhoon coming through here in central Japan this Wednesday. Best wishes, John
Ramzi Truth For Redemption is a great album I just downloaded the whole album from Google Play, love it man, good luck with all your upcoming projects and best wishes, your biggest Fan, Martin B
amazing music,good luck ,wish you the very best
Hi Ramzi, ive seen you perform in a private party last year when I was visiting Maui and I cant get you out of my mind. You played beautiful melodies that touched everyone at that gathering. Looking forward to hear your new albums coming up. yours always. Rhonda S.
Great work,lovely albums and i cant stop listening to them! its great that every song is different and with its own feel ,like little journeys... I started listening to you only a few weeks ago...but i like all your songs, all albums ,and you make great music that i can feel a natural sense of each song! you are on the right way! Much more thanks to you Ramzi for your hard work, for music which you gift for us,for beautiful melodies,it makes my life better! wish you big big successful carrier, great concerts and inspiration and strength for future masterpieces!!!Love you, Monica from Brazil.
Lovely music. Loved the piano pieces in "Fading away". Check out my newage music at -Shibu
hi Ramzi finally you are the musician you always dreamed of becoming i am very happy for you i wish you a long life health and prosperity your music is the best....... i never thought you left Boston ..... i guess the sun and the music mix well together ..all the best to you .. take care ....annie . b .
finally i found you...ok it's a long story, it goes from when i was doing stretching classes and our professor put your music...i couldn't concentrate on the class cause ur music was making me dream....i stopped after the class and asked about this music ..the prof just told me that the person is rami he gave a wrong name...and since 2000 i am searching for you..tonight i made a research about rami haddad instrumental composer gave me an option for ramzi haddad and here you are....ur amazing..ur music makes meeeeeeeeeee dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..
Excellent Musician!
Fading Away is simply one your most heartfelt BEST.......very beutiful, it is my personal favorite.Best Wihes.....always............
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music
Nice website and wonderful music!
Hi Ramzi! Beautiful music!
Awesome music! I shall follow your endeavors. Much love and support Ramzi! Peace!
Ramzi you've got something very special here, your Album Heart Of The Image is it. love, Monica
I Love your new album ramzi, thanks for Emailing me about it. I cant get enough of it, god bless, your friend and fan, Nancy.
Hey Ramz~ Just wanted to let you know, how proud I am of you...You've always been so kind and're the kind of guy, one does not forget....Good Luck to you with your music, I know you'll do well....God Bless & Much mahalo, Kell
All the best to you in life and music!
I enjoyed my visit to your site, i loved your music and the images. please Email me and let me know when your new album "Heart Of The Image" is available for purchase. Sincerely, Lindsay Moore.
Ramzi I love your Website and your music, Please let me know when any song of the new album gets posted, Nancy.
RadioIndy Reviews: The dynamics of "The Other Side of Mizery by Ramzi" make it highly evident that Ramzi has harnessed many wisdoms. He shares his insights with us in epic, yet lucid pieces whose titles guide the reflections contained within the musical arrangements. The keyboard, synthesizer, and piano work within the pieces is very impressive and demonstrates Ramzi’s versatility in styles and sounds. The recording quality is very good, and the production provides many creative accents to the music. "Brain Storm" is a particularly touching song suggestive of the storm of thoughts and perceptions that can run rampant in one's mind, leading and steering their lives. The melodic horn part and answering piano part, are memorable in "In the Shadows." The Other Side of Mizery is an irrefutable beacon of light reminding us that life puts us to the test in order to make us strong; a reflective precursor to a life of joy and wonder. If you enjoy contemporary instrumental music, The Other Side of Mizery is a "must-have"!
Hello there - I've been a regular visitor for some time now. thought I would stop by and at least say what's up since I'm such a frequent visitor. anyways If you get a chance, drop by my website and tell me what you think or drop me an line if you get a minute.
My Dear Ramzi, I so enjoy your intensely emotional creations. May I also have the pleasure of your company upon my page. Thank you.
Nice relaxing music! Congratulations! Your piano romances the world of love and beauty! Rexsy
Good site, admin.
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
very good music visit our website for more free ambient and meditation music
COLnMK h1! nice site! oxyutelno
Excellent compositions and creations, my respect! BLESSINGS Ramzi! Franco
Your music is lovely, special, like medicine for my heart. I wish all the best for you. From Argentina, Monica.
A great resource - many thanks!
Hello! Would like to congratulate to you with coming new year!
The good resource should be brought in bookmarks
I am delighted to discover your musical universe and I really like very much, it is very pleasant to the listening;) I shall go back certainly, in very soon.. sandra.
Your music is very speical....I really like coming in to your profile, thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with all of us. Have a fantastic day. Hawaii..aahh!
Hello, for you good site! Interesting design
good guest page. thank you.
Very cool People here, Great music, much respect to you Ramzi. Keep on writing beautifull music. Tanya.
Hello! good site, thank you!
Hallo everybody. By chance barged into this site and understood that finally got there, where it is nece ssary
god site. it was very interestingly
Good site, comfortable navigation.
Its really something wonderful to fathom all the talent here. Stay strong in doing what you love! Kristin B.
.. beautiful music.. Much love and blessings to u.
Thnx very interesting.
Hi Ramzi, Great music...I love it.
You are the man Ramzi...keep it up. Mahalo,
I have listened all your compositions and i want to tell you,that you have very much beautiful music & great work!!!
Your music has a deep "soul moving" effect amd interesting sense to the ears.
Hi. The Good resource. Much what interesting for itself has found. Bye.
Listening to The Calling and its a really unique mixture of sound and genera usage. I like how the whole song shifts from one thing to another really creative. Great work. Kro.
It's a wonderful experience listening to your music and getting to know it is coming from the pacific islands.
Hello my talented uncle !!! This is to prove i am checking out your website :D Anyway it is very nice as i told you before and i love the photos.....kisses
I love your music! very emotional and brilliantly played. Jo.
Dear Ramzi - thank you for welcoming me to your love and your passion of music! I connect to music to dream of endless fields of dreams of beautiful visions for my journey here on earth. Your music "MESMERIZED" my heart and soul. Music has no boundary and is the universal language of humanity, of all race and bridges gaps between nations. Music expresses the artist's deepest thoughts and emotions; joy, sorrow, sadness, heart aches, and most of all the breaths and the heart beats of artist's soul and spirit. Through music, I find comforts. As human beings, we share the same hopes and dreams for our world, our life here on earth! Your music will be one of my treasures of my journey here. Your music tells so much if one listens carefully. Your work are many puzzles of brilliant pieces of music that give the heart of flying wings and soaring leap which uplift my spirit as I travel with my journey of life here on earth. Many blessings coming your way, Thanhtuyen.
Every track is most intriguing and beautiful to me. Much respect. Henry.
overwhelmed by your visions & affects your composistions allures. Mark.
Thank you for making wonderful music for us all to enjoy! Loved listening to your songs! Have a terrific week :)Ann
Wonderful wonderful wonderful I congratulate you on this site please correspondence me if you have a new.
Hello! Very good site and stylish design
Ramzi!I love the ambiance wich cames from your page.Very nice atmospheric sound.Greetings. RPS
Nice trippy music you write, I like it! Great melodies too. Best, Derek
Hello Ramzi Very great tunes, i don't know really what i'm feeling when i hear your music, it's sad and nice, ...finally, that's great! :) Greetings
My life's been unremarkable. I haven't been up to much recently. I've just been letting everything wash over me lately, not that it matters.Look with me on this.
I'm glad to read your story of how you came back to the music and are sharing your gift. Never give up the music. All the best on your quest!
Hello, Ramzi. How are you? Your site looks and sounds fantastic! You touch people's hearts with your music.
I like your music, particularly 'Mesmerized'. All the best to you Robb
At last! Electronically mixed music that's just as thoughtful and deep as a full-scale symphony. I love the subjectivity, yet abstracted obviousness of your "Hurricane" piece. In the moment I've listened, it had truly set my world in motion; emotionally stimulating as much as mentally. Superb job! - Louie D.
Hi friend!!! Whatcha doin? Just wanted to say hi... and see what you were up to your not on line :-( any who I guess I'll let ya go talk to ya later.... :-) Hey I want another concert I wanna hear fading away... Thats the name ya? :-) I love that song.... you are such a talented musician.....
Great tracks here - the intro to Meserized got me hooked. Love from Boston..
What's going on Ramzi P. Haddad how are you, your family, and friends doing hope all of you are having lots of good times. I heard your very amazingly beautiful melodies, I'm very impressed by the remarkable melodies you are making it's fabulous, your magnificent melodies generates an environment of pure happiness, relaxation, and peacefulness, thank you for creating the remarkable anthems, I greatly appreciate passionate, and dedicated musicians such as yourself making the excellent music, I believe that music unites this world, and puts a smile on everyone's face, it's wonderful people like you who are making a positive contribution in this world through the outstanding music you are making, I know your good determination will make you a megastar musician, keep on making the supremely marvelous melodies it's very special. It's always very depressing to see so much horrific, terrible, and negative events happening in this world it's very upsetting, so many people are suffering, and struggling because of the wars, and violence it's very upsetting, so many people are always being very hateful, and miserable towards each other it's very heartbreaking, it's time for all the wars, violence, and rudeness to stop all over this world, it's time for everyone in this world to be caring, and helpful to each other, it's time for everyone in this world to respect each others opinions, lets all hope soon this world will be filled with kindness, prosperity, wonderfulness, generosity, harmony, excitement, happiness, peace, love, and very good times. May God richly Bless you, your family, and friends, may all of you be blessed with all the wants, and desires of your hearts.
ramzi.. thank you so much for stepping into my world.. your creations here visually and sonically are gorgeous.. peace n light to you my new friend.. ~kenny~
Your song - Hurricane - is full of atmosphere and suspense. You tell a good story through your music. Peace - James
Thank you for sharing your gift & believing in your dream. Vera
I really enjoyed your page - really original music and artwork. Jeremy
A new year, a new pathway. Enjoy the journey! May your foot prints lead the way for others. Much Love, Diana
Hello Ramzi, Many Blessings to you and all that you create in Life! Season's Greeting from Vienna to Hawaii C.D.
I am enjoying your sound scapes and atmospheres here, they are very inspirational!!!! : ) Peace Tony
In una sera come tante ci siamo perse tra i locali che sopravvivono alla notte e alla fine abbiamo beccato quello giusto.Giuste vibrazioni musicali e un personaggio di certo tra le righe e al la' dei consueti canoni.Mi e' toccato sorbirlo a volte per recensioni imposte e a volte gustarmelo per sbaglio.Anche questa volta il caso ci ha fatti incontrare.Una Roma curiosamente semi deserta di fine settimana.Un locale "giusto" ma non per questo degno di essere nominato,tanto non mi paga,e siccome il personale non ci e' stato tanto simpatico non lo faremo anche per questo.Il locale,molto cool e un po' japan oriented,ha un bel palco che sovrasta questi tavolini per nanetti e i cuscini eleganti,giallo-arancioni buttati qui e li alla rinfusa.Stasera si esibisce Alessandro Maugeri.Lo ricordavo come Alex Maugeri ma va bene anzi meglio Alessandro.Mi dira' poi dopo che serve a dividere la sua personalita' di live performer da quella del suo altro lavoro "serio" di produttore televisivo.Maugeri ma chi sei?Mr Hide?Si abbassano le luci e la voce gatta introduce le serata.una serata semiacustica di cover senza catalogazioni di tempo ma che coincidono tutte in un unico arrangiamento per un 'ora.Quella appunto dell'esibizione.Alcuni brani sconosciuti,forse proprio di Maugeri,ma non presentati se non nel titolo.Altri li riconosciamo per il ritornello,Brani di David Bowie,Lou Reed,Patti Smith,alcuni ripescaggi strani dagli anni 50 e 60 e qualcosa in Italiano ma che sembra un po' latineggiante.Brani lenti e a volte drammatici ma mai cupi,tratteggiati teatralmente e interpretati con sicurezza.Accompagnati da una chitarra 12 corde trattata in maniera e strana e a volte strapazzata.E una clarinettista di cui non sappiamo il nome che eccelle come corista delicata.Interessante la collocazione del clarinetto in "The man who sold the world" e "The pretties star"di David Bowie,e contrapposizzioni vocali decadenti e dissonanti,ardite ma che rievocano periodi e personaggi dell'era.Abbiamo strappato un'intervistona che sara' poi radiofonica ma che ci ripromettiamo di mandare in rete magari spezzettata su questo curioso eccentrico personaggio ormai abitudine di estrosi notti Romane a sorpresa. DJAva& BluesetJoy
I thouroughly enjoyed your tunes.I listened to mesmerized and Prelude to life....I would imagine you are scoring movies by now, if not, you should be. Aloha! Jacques
Hey Ramzi, You have a nice clean sound - very refreshing. 1964 is a great year! :-)
I'm glad you set aside everything else to let your artistry take over. If you are an artist, you can't escape that longing. Thank you for introducing me to your music. I had an enjoyable time listening to it! Nhick
The cathartic value from finding the artist in you can be heard through your music. I'm happy for you. Blessings ~Kathryn
I'm listening to your music right now. Strong melodies and solid arrangements! Wish the best for you!
your music is very very spiritual and actualy exactly the sound i m hearing when i listen to stuff myself - grown up with J.M jarre s, klaus schulze , tangerine dream ect. sound . still very inspiring kinda - good work ramzi - respect ! greetz tom
Thank you for inviting me to your mizery! :-) I like your creative approach, you actually turn over the stones you stumble on. Curiosity. I like it. /From an island outside west of sweden
Ramzi. Amazing Music. I love 'Prelude to Life' Love & Blessings to you.
Hi Ramzi, Excelent tunes and soundscapes.
You have a nice clean sound - very refreshing. Wayne
Wonderful Ramzi will be seeing you next year 2008. Take care and stay well. Best regards Walter and Margaret Aloha
Good news guys I here I with you
Cool Maya...Keep it up!
well done roddy like what u guys are doing keep it up.... u sounding good dude. hope to hear more from u and ur homies. daniel from london hola back...
Hi Ramzi, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on your CD's. I havn't had a chance to listen to all of it yet but I do plan on it. So far what I have heard is beautiful. I wish you all of life's blessings. I hope to see you soon to congratulate in person! Aloha, Mandy
pls visit my music site-
Just happened to stumble across your site, very beautiful sounds. I'm especially taken by Sirens. Hugz, TexanBeauty
Ramzi I purchased you CD the other side of mizery, And I cant believe how nice the compositions are, and the music flow is awsome. Great work. Your fan, John H. Wilson, Avon,Mass.
Ramzi Ypur second CD The Other Side Of Mizery, is awsome. Thank you for these sweet compositions. I will always look forward for your new projects. Your fan, always. Sara
I'm surprise i've only heard of you this year. Im not sure how long you have been in the music industry but im hoping you continue to produce this type of music. Im not sure if i've heard your music in a movie before or which movie it was but your second cd im sure will end up in a couple of movies or more. wow i look forward to more of your music Thank you, NANCY
Wow, what a beautiful piece. A tune to turn a fantasy so real, A magic dream come true, a 3D version of your inner feelings turn into life. Too bad each tune can only be heard by the ones who wants to hear it, Imagine if it plays to ears who really NEEDS to hear it. Thats the power of your music. Thank You D. M.
Hello Sir just a little note from a fan who heard you for the first time and were impressed by both cd spectially the second one. I hear potential in your music. If you hear ciara at one of your concerts that will be me. Thank you for taking the time to read my little messege. Ciara
Ramzi, I just heard your music on, and checked Your web page on Your second CD The Other Side Of Mizery is unbelievable. From the first song to the last. I really could not find any average songs, they are all awsome. I am very impressed with this album. I am your new fan, please let me know when the CD is available to be purchased and where. Thank you, wish you all the luck. James.
Dear Ramzi, May God Bless you and give you the best of luck. WOW, eventhough I haven't listened to the CD yet. I am sure it is great and you have all our support. Take care and hope to see you soon. Sana
Hello cousin. we did not know that we have a musician in our family. Great music man. I am so proud of you. Ghassan Gorab.
I am very impressed. I never knew you were that talented. It was great talking to you today. Ill see ya in December. Love E
anak, i wish you the best. i am sure your mother is very proud of you. "Ka awaan ka ng Dios" (that means God Bless you!) ..mama bayle (see, even grammama likes your music!) <3,jaya
Love it Ramouz! Wish you all the best! It comes from the heart! Raja loved it too.
Congratulations... for the web and for ur hard work..wish u all the best..
i love the MUSIC it's full of sentiments,you can read a full life story for a man whyle listening to his Music, but you need to be a good listener with a musical ear and soul. Cheers Ramzi, John
Wish you good luck, you really deserve it.
i love your music it's really awesome .
To the Rhythmist responsible for the creation of this melodious piece: A heartfelt thanks for an incredible rhythm that allows one to emancipate one self from any strain life gives. Your lyrics have a sense of imaginary illusions that are undescribable. This inspiring creation is far fetch and i commence you, for i will never know, life could not give me the change that it gave you. Mr Haddad it will be an honor (if given a chance) to hear you play in person. The unique pureness of your melodies make the wind whisper, the daylight a beautiful dream, and the night a sweet lullaby. Sincerely, Leighlah DeVoir York, Pennsylvania
I come from a family of musicians and was brought up with many different types and styles of music. I must say that Mizery by Ramzi had really moved me. It was so deep, so intense, and very theatrical. It brought every emotion you could think of out of me. I even laid my Yanni c.d. on the side for a little rest because Mizery by Ramzi fills all my musical needs.I can't wait for Mizery 2, I'm excited and love the musical ride Ramzi takes us on. Aloha, A hui hou Tera
Nice to see you putting yourself online. Music is the soul of life and we appricate your expressions. Really enjoyed listening to YOU ! Keep up the good work. Look forward to more. Aloha, Bonny
Awsome music, different ideas,a music which talks a life story... we loved it .... Good job Ramzi
I loved it sooooooooo much, it's the music to fill up the Gap inside you,it's the new age of Music,it's really's a full art filled up with rich senses taking you to a different world. YOU WILL BE ALWAYS EAGER TO LISTEN TO THAT MUSIC AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN...... Ramzi we are proud of you, you made it......Courage anf keep up the good work... Cheers Your best friend Maher Abboud
Hey Ex-Husband :(, Wasn't able to get the signed CD on this trip, maybe the next time. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up in person the next time I'm over there. I don't know if I told you, but my son also composes and conducts music. I'll introduce you to him one day. Until then... A Hui Hou, Rena (the ex)
WOW! what a beautiful cd! i definently look foward to your next one. listening to this for the first time it stirred such deep emotions that i felt i could relate to your mizery. your passion shined thru in every note on every key stroke. what a inspiration! your MIZERY has re-vived my love my for the piano something i walked away from 29 yrs. ago. thank you Mr.Haddad, don't stop now this is only the beginning of your journey.
Ramzi this is a beautiful album, it took me a few times to listen to it to really get into it . Great melody you have, keep up the good work. your new fan , James
I loved your cd and how you made the whole cd instrumental and how you could be your mizery into music..When is the next one coming out I will surely buy more..Keep up the great music Michele
Dr.Norma Saba. October 20, 2006. I am a graduate of Harvard University, and recieved my PHD in education. Fifteen years ago I began teaching MBA students.The pinical principle I strive to make clear is understanding and managing leadership as a tool for reaching ones goals.The skills in this CD show me clearly that leadership is what will drive this masterfull ensemble to victory. Dr.Saba
Rev. George Mourad. October 20, 2006. In my years of defending the exsistense of my church National Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Rabiya,In my life my faith and the faith of my flock has faced many challenges. Some would have us hide under rocks, but Ramzi's music gives us the strength to build our church and faith on top of the biggest rock in our holy land of Lebanon.Your Mizery is our strenth, Go with God Ramzi! Looking forward to your preformance at our church on Easter.
Hi Ramzi Remember the first time i heard you play? I thought it was YOUR stereo. Well now i hear you on My stereo. Any way you know im proud you and it does not take a genius to know that you are awesome on the keyboard. my favorite is #2 to #10. congratulations i know you worked hard on this, And thank you, because for what its worth there is a piece of me that keeps my sanity because of your music, and i think the people that will listens to it will benefit as much as I, thank you.. you are NOt a Had it thanks again for my CD Rosie :)
Dear Sir What a beautiful piece of work. You have no idea what your music did to us personally let alone your other fans. We stumbled on your music accidently and im glad we did. We listen to many different types of music (mainly hard rock). It takes lot of tallent to create beautiful music and im sure a lot of time as well. But, this is a piece of art and im sure it was worth the while. We look forward to the first movie your music will end up, I guess you can consider us as one of you biggest fan. We look forward to the "Other side of Mizery" Thank you again for The Wonderful Piece Of Art Charlie and Jeannie
Dear Mr Haddad I, so far only got clips of your music and fell i love with it already. cant wait to get your next one... Hope to bump in to you if we ever make it in hawaii... aloha Henry
Very nice listening to your music. Interested in listening to more.
Ramz if i didnt watch you make your cd i would not believe you could create something like this. everyday in my busy life i forget to find time for me,well now i look forward to my 1 hr a wk with me and your music in my ear. i think i told you that many times. it is in you, dont give up. you made a classical ear out of me and im sure others will feel the same after they feel whats in your music...i have faith in you and im sure your music will go a long way..hang in there buddy....... Betty..
Gosh Uncle Ramzi!.. When are you gonna teach me how to play as good as you? I`m still waiting on your offer. Oh yeah! .. I want an AUTOGRAPHED CD from you by Thanksgiving so I could make money off of it. lol, just joking. But really.. when you become rich, Don`t forget.. My FREE piano lessons! =)
Hey Husband...Heard some of your pieces! I was pleasantanly surprised. After all these years, you surprise me. Looking forward for more to come...PS...Sign my CD so you can make a rich woman...Your WIFE
alf mabrouk. the best luck in the whole world. love you
i like your sit nice music i will call u soon
congratulations khalo,it's a very nice site & lovely music . hope u'll become a millionaire soon(hehe)
congratulations ; very good stuff i'am happy for you . i'd love more news.... e-mail me bassam
Mabrouk wish you the best success in the world. Your cousin, Hanan
whats up ramzi, its your old buddy dave. great job on your cd, it looks real nice and sounds even better. well done, congrats. peace. -dave
Cool CD but my stickers are cool too. Go to