Prelude To Life Your melody is certainly catchy and strong and I don't hear any bad notes or bad chord progressions. In fact, your progressions between majors and minors are quite good and makes for an interesting listening experience. antonsmusic. Hsinchu, Taiwan . February 17th, 2008. This is a very solid, melodic production in a simple, classic structure utilizing contrasting instrumentation between the two sections (A: accordion, B: synth) to achieve an eminently European sound. The accompanying synth figures in the B section keep the tune pulsing. The return to the accordion section is such a dramatic shift in sound.- skylightmusic from Oakland, California on 23 Jan 2008. While the introduction was very nice, the second section seem to last just a bit too long. The mix and structure is really good, however, for some reason, I keep wanting to hear more of a specific melody complimented with some voices. Nice motion type sounds and arrangement. The beginning seem to suggest a gospel type song (I think I hear a gospel type organ sound). More development of melody would turn this into a really strong piece. I believe there is lot of potential hear. - dbstevenson from Los Angeles, California on 11 Jan 2008. This is a neat song...different. It could be in a soundtrack to a movie, like "Napolean Dynamite II" or something like that especially re: the organ at times. Nice melody and arrangement. The mood is "chipper". :O) Nice job - dantharp from Green Valley, Illinois on 1 Dec 2007. nice soft dance sound.. liked the harmonica sound, different to other stuff here great synth work with a clear melody.. nice music- rolb Staffanstorp, Sweden February 19th, 2008. The Calling The introduction is nice and moody with that cool synth sound that seems to be making a comeback in indie circles. I personally didn't like the choral vocals, They remind me of new age music but I really enjoyed the synthesizers that come in after the drum beat starts. It has some nice chord progressions (nothing here is cliched or forced). At times it sounds like Eno but at other times i just can't get past the Enya-ish choral vocal samples. The brief change at just over four minutes is refreshing and really adds to the song. It seems to be the sort of thing I wouldn't mind being in a soundtrack to a movie or game. The ending is really cool. - FrankOlson from New Zealand on 7 Jan 2008. it's like a song without words. maybe you should find a singer? you are pretty creative, i just have a feeling you could do more with some vocals. very interesting harmony and arrangement. the outro just make me smile in a good way. very positive song. - the_mosquito from Kiev, Ukraine on 6 Jan 2008. I really like almost everything about it the only think i am not sure is the choice of the lead sound on some parts especially what i would call the theme. A bit more organic elements would make a great song out of it. Invite some girls with nice voices to record the synth voices. And use some cool analog synth like a moog and it will be one of the greatest songs ever recorded. - dtr from St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada on 14 Dec 2007. Keep experimenting. Keep writing melodies and working on your phrasing and note selection. You're obviously very creative. I'd work on bringing a little more focus to your music. I hear a lot of ideas, many of them are good and original. You might want to re-visit the intro. It doesn't seem to serve as a good introduction to the rest of the piece, it seems to be unrelated. With a mind as creative as yours, I'm sure you could make some great stuff! - Scottjames79 from North Hollywood, California on 4 Dec 2007. People I like the fact that it goes straight into the song. the background music is worth getting up and swaying to. The vocals are awesome because they are clear and easy to hear and I can understand. The lyrics I really did not like, but other than that the song performance is good. - icechalkhands from Knoxville, Tennessee on 2 Jan 2008. nice lyrics here, delivery jus seems abit stilted. nice idea mixin trance sounds and mcin. well produced and engineered and refreshingly original. i would jus do another vocal take, try addin abit of urgency to the tone of ur voice. other then that great tune:) poirob1 from United Kingdom on 1 Nov 2007. I like the way the song jumps out at you. very good mix on the production. I like the performance of the rapper sounds like jz a little. The song is well put together, and arranged, with the guitar solo in the mix. - batnat from Atlanta, Georgia on 26 Oct 2007 No Time To Wonder REALLY LIKE THE MUSIC ON THIS SONG. THE ARRANGEMENT IS VERY GOOD. VOCALS ARE A LITTLE HARD TO HEAR AND THE DELIVERY COULD BET BETTER. I LIKE THE ORIGIANALITY.DEDHPLAYSBASS from Marysville, California on 30 Nov 2007. Sounds a little bit like the theme song for Night Rider. Good production on the track. Taking hip hop back to it roots. Good job. - quejae from Unspecified on 8 Nov 2007. The artist has a good delivery for this track. A nice musical bed, with a good message. The producer did a good job with the arrangement to create a story to go along with the lyrics. - Travisty7 from Davie, Florida on 8 Nov 2007.”

Garage Band.

Ramzi's New Age music World Order

Ramzi's music offers powerful musical messages, engaging and always full of unexpected little twists, straightforward solo piano melodies, dramatic string arrangements and heavenly choir struck a chord which resounded across all cultural and musical boundaries. Melodies that generate an environment of pure relaxation.


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