Ramzi Haddad / Godrap, Congratulations! Your song "Do The Fly" has moved up to the next tiered station, SongVault Finals on SongVault.fm. Your song is now just 1 tier away from getting placed in the SongVault Directory and having a permanent placement on the SongVault radio network. Help us help you by getting your fan base to listen and vote for you and others on SongVault.fm. Make sure to encourage your MySpace friends and place an announcement on your official website. Best Regards, Paul John SongVault.fm” - Paul John


I placed my song Fading Away From the Album "Heart Of The Image" on Soundout.com and here are some of the reviews from there listeners. 27-May-2012 14:07 Very dramatic piano arrangement to open the track. a beautiful melody drifts along the track. it was eloquent and uplifting. the string arrangement that follows amplies the beauty and tranquility of the song. very motivating performance that needs to be heard. Age: 35-44 27-May-2012 14:27 Very light and airy sounding, as if you're floating ona cloud. The piano is a great mechanism as far as theinstrument that is the main one in this track. It brings the song tonew heights with the variations of the notes allthroughout the track, the other instruments are played with such deliacte harmonies and the melody is furitfully one of the best structures and the compilation really has some quality streaming feeling to it. The track is an emotional wonder on it's one, the instrumental has no vocals but works it out and does it well. This is a beautiful sounding lovely pleasant track with tons of gracious notes and chords. Lovely music. Age: 35-44 27-May-2012 17:12 This song has a gentle and very gorgeous sound to it and I really like the melodic and easy and relaxing sounds of the keyboard and piano which at the same times also sounds like a grand classical masterpiece. More instrumentals should be this good. Age: 25-34 27-May-2012 12:02 this beat in the very begginin is very worldly to me it really seems to mello me out and relax me i love how the beat builds up as if the instruments are doing the singing.im even liking the background whispers to make the whole melody come together in a soft array of atmospheric melody. Age: 35-44 27-May-2012 13:49 I think the piano in this song sound real good and the strings on this track are very touching this is that real music soul smooth classic track nice jazz type track i love it keep the good work. Age: 25-34 27-May-2012 14:29 Beginning is very soothing. Good combination of instruments, it blends well together. It sounds very european and very professional. This should be played at weddings, practically everywhere. You guys should try to add some vocals to make this song even greater than it already is. The piano is just incredible. Age: 25-34 27-May-2012 14:38 This one of the most beautiful instrumentals I have ever heard in my entire life. The way they flowed together was excellent. I know this could be used for a love movie, or some type of tv show to do with loving someone. I thought I heard some faint voices in the background as the music played on. There was no evident major lead singer in the song. The most dominant instrument was a piano. There was some other sound of an instrument that I could not say what it was . It was all great. I would hope to hear some of this song creator's work. Age: 25-34 27-May-2012 16:13 I thought that the piano chords had a lovely resonance and they really set a mood for the track. The lilting cadences that the pianist played were quite dreamy and absorbing, and it felt as though I was transported someplace else by virtue of the musician's playing. It had an elegant, symphonic feel that was quite immersive and lush. There were some musical instruments that I could not put a name to, but it was a very atmospheric and complex track. Between the violins, what sounded like keyboards or synthesizers, and the loping beat, there was a lot to sink your teeth into. It might not get a lot of air play on commercial radio, but it was a stunning piece of work all the same. The harp strings silvery glissando was quite gorgeous, and the music definitely created a sonic dreamscape with warm tones and breathtaking tonalities. Age: 35-44 27-May-2012 16:48 beautiful piano sound, i enjoy in this song, and i recommend this song to everyone. great music for great events, and maybe for some advertisments. in any case, this could be used in all occasions. highly recomended. Age: 16-24 27-May-2012 11:54 woah love it, it's beautiful. piano's and more you need to be in heaven right know such a beautiful sound it's like if you're dancing in your dreams <3 hmmm if you like piano music listen to this This song was a complete melody based composition which was mainly in piano form until about 1 minute in the song. It was a very peaceful yet sad song which was one of the best piano style songs i have heard in a very long time. I think this song had great harmonic atmosphere with is great slow tempo and impressive harmonic tones behind a great symphony of piano and drums. I cant wait for another song from this artist or band as it was fantastic and i will probably buy it on itunes afterwards. Age: 35-44 27-May-2012 14:06 Its is a very nice instrumentally song. Its easy to listen to and it's very beautiful! The instruments sound amazing, they all flow great together! I can picture this song being in a sound track to a movie! Its great! Age: 16-24 27-May-2012 14:09 Pretty piano at the beginning. The computer sounds starting around 1:20 is very interesting. It sounds very fuzzy sounding though, I'd love to hear it played by an orchestra. The song is pretty calming. It sounds like someone is whispering with the music every now and then but you can't hear what they're saying, it's very weird. Age: 16-24 27-May-2012 14:55 I like the melody to this song. It something that you could possibly sit and meditate too considering it has no lyrics to it. I can close me eyes and sway back and forth to this melody. I like the tone of the melody. It has a soft tone. This would be a good melody to play while you are trying to go to sleep, or if you have a sleeping baby you could play this in the background. I don't see this song playing on the radio, or being a hit of any kind because it has no lyrics. This is one of those melodies you could download off I-tunes and play while trying to relax in a quiet room. Age: 16-24 27-May-2012 14:18 This song is really calming from the beginning. The subtle hint of a drum in the background works well to keep a steady beat. This song relaxes the mind and raises productivity and is very inspiring to hear. The flowing notes are thought provoking and are really relaxing. Age: 35-44 27-May-2012 15:04 Introduction is alluring and there is not too much going on. The music seems to pick up a bit more and there seems to be some new sounds and instruments added in throughout the song. At 1:45 it is beautiful and I feel like something has been accomplished in the song. Seems soothing and very meaningful! Age: 16-24 27-May-2012 15:23 I think the opening piano with intense strings in the background really work for this song. I love a great piano opening. It adds drama to the song without taking away from the quality of the rest of the song. Its progression into more instruments flows easily and is easy to listen to. It sounds like a beautiful track to put in a movie. Around the 1:45 mark there is a beautiful spiral of instruments that whirl around the ears in a beautiful fashion. The repetitiveness of the instruments that tends to bore some in instrumental pieces is no where to be found with this piece. I am not bored with the song whatsoever and would listen to this on repeat every night. I think if you get it onto a movie score it will be a hit. Age: 35-44 27-May-2012 15:34 i do not like piano songs but this one is an exception. this song is so smooth and mello that it makes me feel good about the world. the piano playing is brilliant and the other instruments just blend right in there causing a musical parady. Age: 16-24 27-May-2012 16:08 The introduction is magical and really lets loose a mass of skill and emotion. The melody is grand and is fit for many purposes, with an ability to generate imagination. The harmonies have a really pleasent sound, which opens up an angelic reality. The beat is constant and allows the rest of the instruments to circle it evenly and with variation. The instrumentals each provide an acute piece to the overall track that seemingly changes the setting of the song. The volume is quite loud compared to what would be expected, but this is amazing because of the great oppenness it gives to it. The structure applies subtle changes and carries the track from chorus to chorus. The musicality of the arrangement is commendable, and the interesting elements are used in an intelligent manner. The performance is tight as none of the sounds divulge from the major setting that is created. I felt as thought I was entering into heaven, with angels providing a friendly welcome. The song is very creative as it uses sounds instead of words to portray an individual world. I greatly enjoyed it because it was not simple, and genuinely nice sounds were emersing. For me, it stands out because of the overall diving setting that is apparent. An improvement could be to include more complicated progressions, in order to improve the professionalism. The hit potential is in the medium range, due to the limited situations that the song would be useful in. Age: 25-34 27-May-2012 16:39 i like the piano its tragic yet elegant. its a really good way to pull you in to the song. the violin goes great with the piano. i just definately in to this song. i just can stop forgeting this song. i like the part at 2:50 until 3:23. Age: 16-24” - Audience


Based on our listen to your music Ramzi, the following aspects of your releases are outstanding. Keep building on these strengths. We felt the instrumental leads on the tracks were tuneful, interesting and well-articulated. There's no overplaying here, and nothing seems to be lacking either. Spot on. We thought the songs had a logical structure and all the parts were distinct. A good song structure generally has both repetition, and surprise, and we thought you nailed it. In the studio, a good mix separates the men from the boys. It's relatively easy to get good raw tracks, but mixing them right is an art unto itself. Clearly a lot of time and work went into the mix here. It's paying off. It sounds like you sent us well-mastered, high-quality files. We hear the details loud and clear. This is an essential quality for commercial releases. Nice job. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to listen to your releases and for being part of the Hello Music ecosystem. We look forward to hearing more of your music so we can give you feedback on your newest recordings as well as even more amazing opportunities. Sincerely, Hello Music © 2011 Hello Music” - From The Hello Music Screening Team


dear sir RAMZI HADDAD date Aug 20 2009 I hope that you are fine when you receive this letter. This is a letter of appreciation, I have received your cd and your music is very good, We will broadcast it on airplay, thanks. Rodney” - Rodney Ceballos


Ramzi Haddad / Godrap, Congratulations! Your song "Reign On Me" has moved up to the next tiered station, SongVault Showcase on SongVault.fm. Help us help you by getting your fan base to listen and vote for you and others on SongVault.fm. Make sure to encourage your MySpace friends and place an announcement on your official website. Best Regards, Paul John SongVault.fm” - Paul John


As part of your ongoing RadioIndy promotion, we plan to make you a Featured Artist for an upcoming local music emailing for all the listeners in your region. We are thrilled to continue to help you promote your excellent CD's. Sincerely, Manny and Greg Co-founders, RadioIndy.com” - Manny and Greg


Ramzi Haddad, Congratulations! Your song "Prelude To Life" has moved up to the next tiered station, SongVault Showcase on SongVault.fm.Help us help you by getting your fan base to listen and vote for you and others on SongVault.fm. Make sure to encourage your MySpace friends and place an announcement on your official website. Thanks again, Best Regards, Paul John. www.SongVault.fm” - Paul John


Mr. Haddad From the 3 Albums you Have on our Radio Station, 12 Songs had hit the #1 spots on the charts (all in different Genres) at Radioindy.com.” - Radioindy.com

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Ramzi Haddad, Congratulations! Your song "Do The FLY" by "GODRAP" hits the #1 spot on our charts at SongVault's best international song. SongVault Showcase on SongVault.fm. Your song is now placed in the SongVault Directory and having a permanent placement on the SongVault radio network. Best Regards, Paul John. www.SongVault.fm” - Paul John


Hi Godrap. Thanks for your music which we have loved playing on our Upper Room radio shows. Hope all is well in Hawaii. Peace, Gi and Joe.” - Gi Dussault

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