--------------------------------------------------------------- ALOOGA DISKODIP #030 - Dance, Electro, Breaks, Hip Hop, Reggae --------------------------------------------------------------- Slope : Keepingitup (Henrik Schwarz Remix) taken from the CD 'Beats, Bites & Öxle' (Sonar Kollektiv) Fagan : Seamlessness taken from the CD 'Shipping Secrets' (Vitamin Records) Sascha Funke : Chemin des Figons taken from the CD 'Mango' (BPitchcontrol) Jesse Dangerously : Butchershop Quartet feat. Toolshed taken from the CD 'Freshkils Timbuktu' (Jesse Dangerously) Kids in Tracksuits : Head to the woods taken from the CD 'New Kids Rock The Block' (Dealmaker Records) Oliver Orsola : Chants de l´univers taken from the CD 'Reve d´enfant' (Oliver Orsola) Build An Ark : River Run taken from the CD 'Dawn' (Kindred Spirits) Caine : Relaxing Music taken from the CD 'Relaxing Music' (Primaudial) Tom Middleton : Prana taken from the CD 'Lifetracks' (The Big Chill) Red : Synamic Force taken from the CD 'Red' (Dealmaker Records) Modaji : Kinetic taken from the CD 'Speakerquake' (Altered Vibes) Akala : You put a spell on me taken from the CD 'Freedom Lasso' (Illa State) Blumonkey : Lizard Lounge taken from the CD 'The Departure Lounge Vol.1' (Dealmaker Records) Oliver Orsola : The French Boy taken from the CD 'Reve d´enfant' (Oliver Orsola) FlyKKllr : Fear - David Holmes Remix taken from the MCD 'Fear' (FlyKKllr Records) Echotek : Floating Hz taken from the CD 'Advanced Options 3' (BNE) I9 : CGWYT taken from the CD 'Debut' (Q Communications) Nomumbah : Like a Rainbow taken from the CD 'Beats, Bites & Öxle' (Sonar Kollektiv) Wayne Stoddart : Fire Burning taken from the CD 'Love Convictions' (Wayne Stoddart) Jesse Dangerously : Aw Shucks taken from the CD 'Freshkils Timbuktu' (Jesse Dangerously) Caine : Always in Bloom taken from the CD 'Relaxing Music' (Primaudial) Roger Robinson : Nicola´s Song taken from the MCD 'Nicola´s Song' (Altered Vibes) Modaji : Gone 2 Soon taken from the CD 'Speakerquake' (Altered Vibes) Tom Middleton : Sea of glass taken from the CD 'Lifetracks' (The Big Chill) The Paranorml : Shapes of Jazz taken from the 'Jazz is Fundamentals EP' (Altered Vibes) Two Tone Club : True and Big Love taken from the CD 'Now is the time' (Grover) The Moon Invaders : Can´t keep a good man down taken from the CD 'Moovin ´n Groovin' (Grover) DJ Nada : One more chance - Remix taken from the CD 'The world inside my head Vol.2' (Urbnet) I9 : Both Sides taken from the CD 'Debut' (Q Communications) Build An Ark : Sunshine taken from the CD 'Dawn' (Kindred Spirits) FlyKKllr : Shine out taken from the CD 'Experiments in Violent Light' (FlyKKllr Records) Godrap : No time to wonder taken from the CD 'People' (Godrap) Still Alive : Chichon taken from the CD 'Un Nuevo Estilo' (Patron Records) Wayne Stoddart : Matters of Fact taken from the CD 'Love Convictions' (Wayne Stoddart) Akala : Freedom Lasso taken from the CD 'Freedom Lasso' (Illa State) The Kiki Twins : Step Touch (Radio Edit) taken from the MCD 'Step Touch (Radio Edit)' (Love House Records) Sascha Funke : We Are Facing The Sun taken from the CD 'Mango' (BPitchcontrol) Oforia featuring B-Wicked : Return of the Machines taken from the MCD 'Return of the Machines' (BNE Records)” - DJ Ottic aka Gerd Hoeschen

— Alooga Radio

The Upper Room with Joe Kelley" WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield, CT , Mondays 4-8 pm EST www.upperroomwithjoekelley.com The Upper Room with Joe Kelley" NOW 24 Hours/ 7 Days- Interviews, Creative Music, & Studio Performances www.upperroomwithjoekelley.com *For more informations you can email Joe Kelley: joeradio@optonline.net * ****** Thanks for the music.****** *Artist/Title/Label* The String Cheese Incident- Restless Wind- (Relix Monthly) Prince- Alphabet Street- (Paisley Park) New Power Generation- Deuce & A Quarter- (NPG) Jimmy McGriff- That's All- (Milestone) Garry "Diaperman" Shider- Side 2 Side- (Garry "Diaperman" Shider) Courtney Lemmon- That Was Yesterday- (Courtney Lemmon) Kat Dyson- Love In Da Middle- (Collecting Dust) Andy Whitmore- Fast and Furious- (Andy Whitmore) Elliot Levine- Clear It- (Elliot Levine) Ruben Studdard- Change Me- (J) Walter Christopher- It's All About You- (AVH Entertainment) Candy Dulfer- 2 Funky- (Pid) D.D. Jackson- Showcase Blues- (BMG/RCA Victor) Bernstein and the Kid- One Horse Town- (Bernstein and the Kid) Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette- When I Fall In Love- (ECM) The Ford Blues Band feat. Robben Ford & Chris Cain- (Blue Rock It) Mystic Bowie and the Pallbearers- My Way- (Mystic Bowie) Godrap- No Time To Wonder- (Ramzi Music) John Blackwell Project- Try God feat. Donna- (John Blackwell Jr.) Tommy Brown- Be Mine- (Ts Up) Danan Healy- The One- (Danan Healy) Andre Cymone- Livin' In The New Wave- (Columbia) Zapp- Computer Love- (Warner Bros) Ray Charles- Smack Dab In The Middle- (DCC) Bossa Nova Beatnicks- Shivraughn- (BNB) Peter Paulsen- Nefertiti- (Wahbo) Hornheads- Head Case- (Bone 2B Wild) The Shinkickers- Clew Bay Blues (Live)- (The Shinkickers) Joe Richardson Express- Hear 'Um Cryin'- ( Jamey Slane) Jamie Fox- New News- (Rare Cat) Madonna- Live To Tell- (Sire) Luther Vandross- A House Is Not a Home- (Legacy) Poussez- Boogie With Me- (Vanguard) Gypsy Soul- Take Me Home, Country Roads- (Off The Beaten Track) Guy Bergeron- Sunday Drive- (Independent) Marcel Morejon- If I Could- (Marcel Morejon) Lance Bennett- Taking A Chance On Love- (Lance Bennett) Jef Lee Johnson- Hard To Keep The Faith- (Dreambox Media) Robin Avery- Drive- (Robin Avery) Elleeven- What Would I Say?- (Elleveen) Deborah Lombardi- Agoraphobia- (Deborah Lombardi) Moody Girl- The Crime- (Black Wings) Larry Craig- Every Single Step- (Larry Craig) Mike Ellis Bahia Band- Freedom Jazz Dance- (Alpha Pocket) Phantom Blues Band- A Fool For You- (Delta Groove) Valarie King- Always There- (Kangu) Rhonda Smith- Why Criticize- (215) David Bennett Cohen- Crawfish Royale- (David Bennett Cohen) *In March 2004, we became the first radio show to have been featured on Rock N Roll Hall of Famer PRINCE'S official web site.* Gi Dussault Co-Host & Co-Producer of Radio Show” - Gi Dussault

The Upper Room with Joe Kelley

These songs were played many times as the show airs 24/7 around the clock. Thanks for the music. *Artist/Title/Label* *Part. 1* John Tropea - Ol' School - (STP) Blues Delight - Slightly Hung Over - (Blues Del) Jeff Twardzik - Heart Of An Angel - (Erik Balkey) FreakJuice - Lie U - (Ritehouse Entertainment) Danny Lerman - Meow Baby - (Sugar Whiskey) Ms. Jaz - Get Here (Live) - (D'Mar Entertainment) Big Daddy 'O' - What You Got To Go Through - (Rabadash) Ian Siegal - Magdalena - (Nugene) Clayton Dyess/Mike Lefebvre/Kenny Andrews - But Not For Me - (Detalma Music) Gold Standard - Stranded - (Gold Standard) Marcel Morejon - Don't Walk Away - (Marcel Morejon) Jill Scott - I Keep - (Hidden Beach) *Part. 2* Billy Nichols aka Papadollabill - Same Same Game - (Boss) Barbara Sfrage & Center Search Quest - Dancing In The Rain _ (SyncTimiCity Productions) Command And Control - You Can Do - (Command And Control) Travis Matte And The Zydeco Kingpins - Tikle My Fiddle - (Mhat Productions) Jacqueline Grace - Detox - (J GLO Music) Juan Oskar - Cimic Marvel - (Juan Oskar) Robizzy - James Bondrock (Radio Edit) - (Robust Music) Austin & Elliott - Hard Not To Fall In Love - (Austin & Elliott) Godrap - No Time To Wonder - (Ramzi Music) Ezra Weiss - Don't Need No Ticket - (Roark) Krister Axel - True Believer - (Noon Child) Georgia Fumanti - Campi D'Oro - (Manhattan) *March 2004, we became the first radio show to have been featured on Rock N Roll Hall of Famer PRINCE'S official web site.*” - Gi Dussault

*"The Upper Room with Joe Kelley"

I am a dj. in audioclub called "Laduana" in Valparaiso - Chile, South america,I like your excellent music, and I am trying to make a good work showing the music of your band and the many other bands that really work with passion on their creations. I have included your music in my play list. I wish you a wonderful week and all time the best. http://members.soundclick.com/entidad+nocturna http://www.myspace.com/entidadnocturna http://www.lastfm.es/listen/user/entidadnocturna/playlist http://www.perfspot.com/entidadnocturna51 http://www.fotolog.cl/audiobarladuana msn: sukucho@chileno.zzn.com” - Entidad Nocturna

Club DJ

Mojo Alt Fridays 10PM-12PM 94.1 FM Radio 2 Skopje, Macedonia Producer & Host: Vasja Ivanovski unaluna@mol.com.mk Playlist dated: Nov 9, 2007 Hank El Diablo Killing Me Not So Softly Hank El Diablo Hell Hank El Diablo Let’s Dose The Populace (CD The Hell EP – Nuclear Asterisk Records) Dogman Joe Keep My Faith Dogman Joe Tears Taste Sweet Dogman Joe Fallen Angel (CD Dogman Joe) Ramzi Factory Of Matters Ramzi Winds Of Shame Ramzi Sirens (CD Misery By Ramzi – RHAD001) Brett Williams How Does That Feel Brett Williams Time Will Tell Brett Williams She’s Lonely (CD How Does That Feel – Realm Records International) Cynthia Basinet Blue Moon Cynthia Basinet Going Out of My Head Cynthia Basinet Sweet Dreams (CD Uncovered) Firefall Within You Without You Firefall No Reply Firefall Here Comes The Sun (CD Colorado To Liverpool – Winged Horse Records 07 0251) Still Alive Lady Still Alive Eres Still Alive De Feria (CD Un Nuevo Estilo – Patron Records) One Left Girl From Montreal One Left Magdeline By The Sea One Left The Pilgrim’s Way (CD Wayfaring) Into The Freylakh Der Rebbe Elimelech Into The Freylakh Hot Sabra Into The Freylakh Lenox Road (CD Into The Freylakh) Vondrau This Wheel’s On Fire Vondrau Nothing Vondrau Rain (CD Vondrau) Krister Axel True Believer Krister Axel Always A Circle Krister Axel Bedroom Eyes (CD Arms Around The River – Noon Child Records NOON 03) Close Company Your Smile Close Company Fever Close Company Touch (CD Heart Shower – Close Company 22678-0) Robin Stanley One Way Avenue Robin Stanley Chronic Empire Robin Stanley Suburban Lawns (CD Chronic Empire – Creative Artists Recordings CAR2007) Michael Derning & Mia Arends Goin’ Back To Harlan Michael Derning & Mia Arends Ain’t Misbehavin’ Michael Derning & Mia Arends Lonely At The Top (CD Cover Art – Finn Boy Records) Dain Estes Lost You Dain Estes Time Well Spent Dain Estes Before We Met I Knew Your Face (CD The Broken Whistle Sessions – Spank House Records) Kevin Borich Midnight Boogie Kevin Borich Nomad Kevin Borich Listen No More (CD Nomad – KB CD 000 2) Brian Rolland Tide’s In Brian Rolland Ask Me To Brian Rolland Moonlight Holds The Key (CD The Tide’s In – On The Full Moon 2007-01) Steve Barakatt Vocal Project Here I Am Steve Barakatt Vocal Project The Long Goodbye Steve Barakatt Vocal Project Love Without Words (CD Here I Am – Abaca Group Inc.) Miki Petkovski Endurance Blues Miki Petkovski Smooth Sailing Miki Petkovski Caravan (CD City Settlers – MDScoring MDSCR004)” - Vasja Ivanovski

— 94.1 FM RADIO 2

91)*Reid, Glen - Dusty Ol' Demin (Royston Road): Light folk with Celtic influences. 92)Dennen, Brett - So Much More (Dualtone): Dreamy folk pop. RIYL: Be Good Tanyas, Cat Power. 93)Uncle Monk - S/T (Airday): Offbeat bluegrass and folk. 94)*Moberg, Alan - Northern Love (Independent): Slow, dreamy folk. 95)Biskin, Andy - Trio Tragico (Strudelmedia): Off-beat jazz for clarinet. 96)*Hebert, Jean-Marc - L'Autre (DAME): Slow, dreamy minimalist jazz. 97)Lindsay, Marisa - Submit2Love (Thunder Dome): Soulful vocal jazz. 98)Adamo, Tony - Straight Up Deal (Urban Zone): Slow blues, soul and R+B. 99)Von Sudenfed - Tromatic Reflexxions (Domino): Gritty mix of techno and post punk. Features members of Mouse on Mars and the Fall. 100)*Davis, Brian Joseph - The Definitive Host (Blocks): Glitchy expeirmental electronics and rock. 101)Ramzi - The Other Side of Mizery (Independent): Dreamy electronics and pop. 102)*Batoche - Terra Incognita (Independent): Screamy” - Steve Marlow

CFBX Radio

Serge Kozlovsky “Sunny Breeze” …from jazz and rock to ambient and new age… Playlist 31.10.2007 â„– Artist / Band Album Track 1 Michael McClennan “Sing In Me Muse” “Sing In Me Muse” 2 Michael McClennan “Sing In Me Muse” “The Cordial Kestrel” 3 Patrick Butler “Mesmerizer” “Mesmerizer” 4 Patrick Butler “Mesmerizer” “Fiailoa” 5 Patrick Butler “Mesmerizer” “Perth Amboy Cakewalk” 6 The Super Groovers “Supergroovin’” “Super Groover” 7 The Super Groovers “Supergroovin’” “To Our Loved Ones” 8 The Super Groovers “Supergroovin’” “To The T” 9 Alex Bershadsky “Junk” “Drift” 10 Alex Bershadsky “Junk” “Can’t Get Use To It” 11 Alex Bershadsky “Junk” “West Side” 12 Ramzi “Mizery” “Human Malfunction” 13 Ramzi “Mizery” “Broken Dreams”” - Kozlovsky N.


Serge Kozlovsky Sunny Breeze from jazz and rock to ambient and new age Playlist 24.10.2007 Artist / Band Album Track 1 Godrap- People - No Time to Wonder 2 Godrap People - Holding My Breath 3 Nuno Filipe -Seance No One Knows Here 4 Nuno Filipe Seance - Take Off 5 Nuno Filipe - Seance Bond 6 Nuno Filipe Seance Tunnel 7 Nuno Filipe Seance A Smalltown Boy Called Jesus 8 Omar Akram - Secret Journey Run Away With Me 9 Omar Akram -Secret Journey - Passage of the Heart 10 Omar Akram Secret Journey - Shimmering Star 11 Omar Akram Secret Journey Caravan 12 Omar Akram Secret Journey Angel of Hope” - Kozlovsky N.


Radio Canal Tea Aultima Fronteira www.aultimafronteira.es Blog - Playlist aultimafronteiraradio..blogspot.com Podcast aultimafronteiraradio.podomatic.com bado/Saturday 15/09/07 1 Hora: Antonio Baena - Sombras 1 (2007 - Sombras De Oto) Antonio Baena John Luther Adams - Turbulent Changes (1997 - Clouds Of Forgettin, Clouds Of Unknowing) New World Records Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Improvisation Live (2007 - Live In Barcelona) Bruno Sanfilippo Michel P - Himalaya (2007 - CD Catalogue 2007) MP. Productions Gandalf - A Seed Dreaming Inside (2007 - Lotus Land) Real Music Robert Schroeder - 100% Synthetic (2007 - SphereWare) Spheric Music Art Of Noise - Identity Crisis (2000 - Reduction) ZTT Records 2 Hora: Ramzi - In The Shadows (2007 - The Other Side Of Mizery) Ramzi Music Production Manhattan New Music Project performs Paul Nash - It's Only A Dream (2007 - Jazz Cycles) MNMP Records Henschkeschlott - Warm Night In Victoria Park (2006 - Cafe Thiossane) Ozella Music Oleg Kireyev - Mandala (2006 - Demo Disk) Miras Art Gallery Murat Ses - Tan 2 (2004 - Automaton) Clou Records Richard Dsilets - Rivire De Sable (2006 - clats De Rve) Richard Dsilets Ghaita Depedra - Jarax (2007 - Ghaita Depedra) Ghaita Depedra Lomo - The surge (alt. take) (2007 - Fury) Hammerhead Peter Von Poehl - The Story Of the Impossible (2006 - Going To Where The Tea Trees Are) t Ou Tard Voltaire - Cannibal Buffet (2007 - Ooky Spooky) Projekt AUltima Fronteira Roberto Vales Fernandez Maceira - Vixians, 2 36873 Covelo Pontevedra Galicia Spain” - Roberto Vales

— Aulltima Fronteira Radio

Radio Canal Tea A Última Fronteira www.ultimafronteira.es Blog - Playlist aultimafronteiraradio.blogspot.com Podcast aultimafronteiraradio.podomatic.com Sábado/Saturday 21/07/07 1º Hora: · Erik Wollo - Computerlove (2004 - Blue Sky, Red Guitars) Spotted Peccary Music · Steve Roach & Roger King - Lost And Forgotten (1998 - Dust To Dust) Projekt · Ramzi - In The Shadows (2007 - The Other Side Of Mizery) Ramzi P. Haddad · Frank Van Bogaert - Crack The Blue Sky (2007 - Nomads) Groove Unlimited · Field Effect - Sonic Zeitgeber (2007 - Connections...) Field Effect · Neodrone - What They Want (2007 - Extended Horizon) Mambus Records · Wah - Opium (2006 - The Best Of Wah!) Sounds True · Kaballah - Ashrenu (2007 - Inspirations) The Urban Sound · Shiva Rea - Ghasi Ram Blues (2006 - Nataraja) Sounds True · The Fog People - Song For EXS (2006 - City Of Night) Fogpeople Music 2º Hora: · Hans Zimmer - Burn It All (1991 - Backdraft) Milan Records · Robert Scott Thompson - An Apparent Lightness Dawns (2007 - Lost Frontier Sampler 08) LostFrontier.org · Noa - Shalom, Shalom (2003 - Noa Gold) Universal Music · Lea Longo - Om Arkaya Namaha (2007 - Zen Voyage) Sweet Life Music · Daniel Bouliane - Spacy Cab (2006 - Tagayet) Onde-Spirale Inc · François Couture - Qallunak (2005 - Qallunak) Disques Boghei Records · Daemonia Nymphe - Ecstatic Orchesis (2007 - Krataia Asterope) Prikosnovenie · László Hortobágyi - Trance Macabre (1996 - Transglobal And Magic Sound Of L. H.) Network Medien · Artesia - L'hiver Est Lá (2007 - Chants D'Automne) Prikosnovenie · Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice (2006 - The Open Door) Wind-Up Records” - Roberto Vales

Radio Canal Tea

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