Dear friend the good music on your cd "The Other Side Of Mizery" now is in airplay on my radio show. Sincerely Maurizio Benvenuti.” - Maurizio Benvenuti

Radio Incontro

Thank you very much for your promo. It was a good gain for our archives. We introduced your promo CD with your history and announced your internet details at Radyo SDU and planning to introduce on a new program at national radio TRT. Thank you again and may it be easy and good luck. Murat Kasap Radyo SDU, Turkiye” - Murat Kasap

Radyo SDU

You need to have this CD "People" by "Godrap" in your collection. Its Really good. And for all music lovers, no excuse to not have this CD right now on your CD player. It's a real plus to have this great release. Gi Dussault Co-Host & Co-Producer Upper Room Radio Show” - Gi Dussault

Upper Room Radio Show

What a great sound you have, we have played several of your tracks, from the three Albums you sent us, to date and plan to schedule more in future programs. Keep up the good work and please keep us up to date with your progress Regards Michael Criddle OzRadio (President Radio Triple H-FM)” - Michael Criddle

— Triple H-FM

thank you very much for set of recordings and press-kits information. All these will be put to radio air-plays here and I will do all my best to find distributor of yours records here. May be the best way will be contact directly with one of them: NICHE MUSIC at : Drop me a line if you wish any more assistance and - be in touch... All the best: Dioni Piatkowski ERA JAZZU Strzelecka 37 62-050 Mosina POLAND fax:++61/813.25.66” - Dioni Piatkowski


Hi Ramzi, Yesterday I received a copy of your albums MIZERY and THE OTHER SIDE OF MIZERY you so kindly sent me after request. I am going to add it to the Station library for playing on LA OTRA ORILLA and sharing the music with my listeners from next shows on. Best Regards.” - D. Oscar Groomes

— O's Place Jazz Magazine

Hi Ramzi Many Sincere thanks for the Cd "People" by "Godrap" you submitted to us. We have played it, and think that it is well worth having tracks from the CD included into our playlists. The charactor of the music style presented gives this CD a unique feel, with an individual personality presented inside it's contents. Great work, and we sure look forward to hearing from you in the future Kind Regards” - Graham J Barclay

— Soundwave FM

Hi from the Team here @ Napier's Soundwave FM. many thanks for the Cd's "The Other Side Of Mizery" and "Mizery By Ramzi" you have sent, we have now added tracks from your CD's onto our playlists for our local audience to enjoy.” - Graham J Barclay

— Soundwave FM

Aultima Fronteira Radio. Spain. Mr. Ramzi, Review on Ramzi P. Haddad is presenting us his new Album, a man born in a place near the Mediterranean Sea, he is living for a long time in the USA. He is a pianist and a composer, also he has a musical style is related with New Age, Rock&Roll;and Contemporary Instrumental Music. "The Other Side of Mizery" is a CD for all the fans of all those musical style, to let us go along with the piano sound, to feel the synthetizers and to hear the coral voices that goes with some of the songs. Like a candle that illuminates our path, Ramzi guides us with his music, dont let the candle extinguish and enjoy with the wonderful thing that is our life. Best wishes. Atte. Roberto Vales. Ramzi - The Other Side Of Mizery 14 julio 2007” - Roberto Vales

Aultima Fronteira Radio.

Ramzi's New Age music World Order

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