Pacific Gathering is a fusion of several artists and musicians, crossing lyrical and melodic boundaries. Blending everything from R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Classical, New age, Rock and Soul. The group is comprised of 4 artists combining their individual skills and talents to create a unique sound unlike any other. From Beirut Lebanon, Ram-Z The Great is the mastermind behind the production and music of the group. Ram-Z brings amazing melodies and rhythms from the extensive training in Classical, Rock and Arabic music. From the Lonestar state of Texas comes rapper Q-Dogg . Bringing that southern sound of those like UGK, with a touch of Soul. The young artist is light years ahead if his time. Hailing from Kansas City, Kansas, is the ever so graceful and talented S.I.S, (Smooth Island Soul). With her beautiful voice and unique tone, she provides a gentle smooth flavor to the mixture of the group. Last but not least is Fayah. A native of Hawaii this artist brings the blended island singing and urban rapping that truly rounds up the group sound. Together they are one of the most diverse combinations. Spanning from the Middle east to the islands of Hawaii, from New age, Classical to Hip Hop. Pacific Gathering is a sound unlike any other. The new Album is called Truth For Redemption ad the whole album is streaming on: BUY DOWNLOADS:

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